Kornelia Kovacs

Kornélia Kovács

Swimming coach

Kornelia took a degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the Semmelweis University as a P.E. and Hygiene teacher in 2010. Thanks to this experience, she also became a Swimming Coach and a Tennis Instructor in 2008. After university life, she spent some time in the U.K. but she came home for a job and started to work as a Swimming Coach at the BVSC Sport Club for almost 4 years. Kornelia was a successful swimmer in her youth. She was a member of the Hungarian National Swimming Team for years. From August of 2014 she was delighted to join Britannica International School. This year she specialises in teaching Swimming only across the school from Year 1 to Year 11 but she has been an integral part of the PE team for 6 years now. Kornelia spends most of her time with her family and she also has a boxer dog. She loves doing water sports and playing tennis, and also enjoys travelling, skiing and watching good movies in her spare time.