The School provides placement and education to the student in return for the tuition fee.

The tuition fees include, beside the above:

  • The cost of borrowing textbooks, teaching materials.

  • School meals on school days.

  • The price of after school activities and clubs organised by the School’s teachers.

  • The School provides a fixed amount of financial support for trips that are closely linked to the main curriculum every academic year.

In Detail

Payment Schedule

The annual tuition fee can be paid:

a) in 3 instalments:

  • The first 40% payable by 1st August 2024. (for returning families, this includes the 500.000HUF payable by 1st May 2024)
  • 30% payable by 1st December 2024.
  • 30% payable by 1st March 2025.

The payments are intended as instalments and not pro-rata payments.

b) annually:

A discount of 3.0% on the total tuition fee listed is offered if the whole year’s fees are paid in advance by 1st August 2024.

Additional Costs

The tuition fees do not include the following items:

  • Examination fees for secondary students (IGCSEs and A Levels). These fees are payable separately in gross amount according to the examination board charges.
  • The cost of laptop computers for Year 4 - Year 13 students.
  • The cost of trips above the School’s financial support on trips.
  • School uniform that can be ordered from a supplier designated by the School.
  • The cost of after school activities and clubs organised by external providers.
Bank Details

Payments should be made in Hungarian Forint by bank transfer directly to Britannica International School’s bank account or cash payment in the bank. Please ensure the name, year group and/or invoice number of the student are stated on the transfer payment.

Name: Britannica Angolnyelvű Nemzetközi Óvoda Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

Bank Name: K&H Bank Zrt.

Address: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.

Swift code: OKHBHUHB

Account number for registration fee, tuition fee, examination fee, seat retainer fee:

  • 10404027-50526649-85481005
  • IBAN: HU14 10404027 50526649 85481005
  • Currency: HUF

Account number for deposit:

  • 10404027-50526649-85481029
  • IBAN: HU45 10404027 50526649 85481029
  • Currency: HUF