Assessment fortnight runs from Monday 9th May until Friday 20th May, where all children in Years 1-9 undertake online assessments in mathematics and reading, along with other assessments in writing. The purpose of these assessments is as a checkpoint to measure the children's progress throughout the year, and generate targets for the individual children, the year group, key stage and the whole Primary School. The analysis of the assessment results helps us do our job better as teachers, giving us information to help us improve our provisions and measure the impact of what we can do so we know to keep doing it or make adjustments! There is no pass or fail, no pressure, and no revision. We just want to know what the children can do independently and have a standard measure. We want our children to do their best, but we do not want them to be stressed. We are a Primary school and the scores or grades are not our focus. We celebrate progress and focus on targets to improve learning,