Friday, June 23 | Back Entrance

Have you got outgrown clothes you are unsure what to do with? Are you moving house or country this summer and having a clear out? If you would like to get rid of clothes, but definitely don’t want to throw them in the bin and create waste, then we have the initiative for you!

Sulizsák is a company whose mission is to connect consumers with the recycling industry. The clothes collected will be either reused in their original function or be recycled as industry materials like insulation or threads.

As part of this initiative, each child who would like to take part will receive a bag to take home and fill with unwanted clothes, and return on Friday, June 23rd. Sulizsák then make a small donation to our school for each bag which will contribute towards our eco and garden projects, where we also focus on sustainability and waste reduction!

They accept: used clothes, paired shoes, hats, bags, gloves and other textile accessories, household textiles (curtains, bedsheets, towels).

Not accepted: clothes that are damaged, soiled or wet, scrap textile pieces, blankets, carpets, rugs and mats.