Welcome to the 2022-23 academic year!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday August 25 for the first day of school! The school will operate fully for all year groups, onsite and in person. The school day starts as normal at 8.20am and finishes at 3.30pm


The school day starts as normal at 8.20, although there will be staff on the top yard playground from 8am. Please send your children to the top yard before 8.20 as normal. Do not go directly to the classrooms as all teachers will be on the top playground and there will be no supervision in the school building. Classes will meet first and will be walked down to their rooms with their classmates.

We understand that the first day can be nerve-wracking, even for returning students and especially for new starters and little ones. For this reason, parents are most welcome on the top playground and parents of the little ones in Years 1-4 can accompany their children as they walk down to their classrooms, if they wish. Parents of Year 1 and 2 may stay for a short while they settle, although this is often easier after parents have left!

For the first 2 periods, classes will remain together, getting to know their new teacher and classmates. After playtime, specialist lessons will start (if timetabled) and lessons and introductions to topics will start. You will receive the timetable in the first week.

Years 1-3 will have a snack provided but you should send an afternoon snack and a refillable water bottle. Years 4-6 should have all snacks (morning and afternoon) and water bottles provided.

The day finishes at 3.30 and parents can collect their children from the top playground as normal. There will be no clubs for the first few weeks, but more information will come shortly regarding this. Late Pick up will be situated in room 5a and 5b (down the ramp from reception) if you will be later collecting your child and our security guard will help to fetch your child(ren) for you. The service is available until 5pm. Your child will be delivered to late pick up by the class teacher or TA.

Dates to note:

  • Tuesday 6th September - Meet the Teacher from 3.45 (in person)
  • Wednesday 7th September - Meet the Teacher from 3.45 (on zoom)

All Secondary students should enter through the front entrance by 8.20am. New students will be met at reception by their Head of Key Stage and escorted to their form rooms to be introduced to their tutors and new tutor group.

For the first 2 periods on Thursday 26th, tutor groups will remain together, to cover school expectations and organisational matters. The students will receive their timetables. From Period 3, lessons will begin. During the first week, students will visit the library to collect the books they need for their courses.

The day finishes at 3.30. Students may make their own way home or be collected from the front of the school building.

Date to note: Tuesday 7th September - Meet the Teacher from 3.45pm.


If your child does not yet have a school uniform or has grown out of their old one, please don't worry as uniforms will be for sale outside by reception every afternoon/evening after the first week.