Wednesday October 12 | 8.30 | Auditorium


Monday October 17 | 15.45 | Auditorium

TOPIC - Home Reading

We know when you join a new community, it can be difficult to know how the school runs and the different aspects of our curriculum here at Britannica. Never fear, Miss Wolland is here as your Primary Parent Liaison Coordinator who is organising the club for parents again this year.

The structure is slightly different for this year but the concept is very much the same. We want to help you fully understand our curriculum so you can feel empowered to help your child at home. When you win, they win!

Please find the focus for this month and the dates and times above. Miss Wolland is providing the same session twice. Once in an afternoon session and once in a morning session. We hope this will involve more parents across Primary.

About this month's Topic

This month's Parent ECA is all about using Phonics and Guided Reading to support your child with their home reading!