It is our pleasure to invite you and your child to a transition morning at Britannica International School.

The event is for any parents and children who will be in Year 1 or Year 2 next year; including those who have not had an admission with us, or may still be unsure of their plans. 

The transition to school programme will focus on:

★ Your child experiencing a morning at our school where they will engage in fun activities
★ Getting to know some of our teachers and teaching assistants
★ Experiencing the family atmosphere on the Garden Corridor
★ Meeting new friends who will be joining the same cohort next academic year
★ To experience a playtime in our popular Pirate Cove playground

Please join us for coffee and introductions at 9am, and then we will head down to the Year 1 classrooms on the Garden Corridor to play some learning games, do some activities and get to know each other. We will go up to the Pirate Cove playground at 10:45am for some play time, and the morning will finish at 11am. Your child will need to bring a water bottle and a small morning snack.
Parents are welcome to stay with us if they wish, but if your child is confident to stay by themselves, then this is fine too.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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