"What a wonderful International Day we have had today. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you around the school site at the various performances and presentations and there is no doubt that everyone has had a fantastic time. During the course of the morning, I really enjoyed visiting all corners of the globe in our secondary rooms. After jumping around in an IKEA bag, sampling red hot peppers, enjoying an American pancake, trying to pick up a ping pong ball with chopsticks, finding out my name in Chinese, joining in with some Thai Meditation, listening to Korean pop music and dancing the Macarena, I was definitely ready for a lie down! Quite a journey, I am sure you would agree. Thank you to all the secondary and sixth form students and teachers for their creativity and energy.

Our primary classes delivered some great performances, celebrating the differences and similarities we share together in our international community through a variety o tremendous singing and dancing performances from local Hungarian classics through to vintage British Punk Rock with a touch of Africa and Michael Jackson in between. All the children were superb, really rising to the occasion and creating a brilliant show for all the parents who were able to attend. Food Court After all the action packed events of the morning, I was certainly ready to visit the fabulous Food Court in the gym with representation from a huge range of different countries. A huge big thank you to the PSA and all the parents who took the time to take part in this special event and provide such an extraordinary array of tasty treats. We finished it all off with our traditional flag parade of nations around the corridors. Well done to all the flag bearers who represented the nations with great pride, many dressed in their national costumes."

Mr Neil McGarry, School Principal