No Pens Day: Debaters. Shop-keepers. ‘Mathterminds’. Dreamcatcher Makers. Mime Artists. These are just some of the roles that students engaged in this week; this Wednesday saw both Secondary and Primary participate in The Communication Trust’s ‘No Pens Day’ – teachers were provided with the opportunity to focus solely on developing students' abilities to communicate orally; effective communication is at the core of what we do, in every aspect of our life and it is our role to provide our young people with opportunities to do this. As young children we learn to speak before we learn to write, yet as we go through our academic journey we inevitably focus on written aspects of communication. No Pens Day did exactly what it says on the tin! Please speak to your children about the fun they had and you can see the next few pages for more details on No Pens Day at Britannica. Some Secondary videos from the day will be posted to our Facebook page, so keep a look out!