Dear Britannica Parents,

Well, we are almost finished with this term, and this year. Can someone please slow time down a bit?

A huge Thank You to Y1 Axe and Y6 Trent, and the other class Mom's that helped with last week's Cookie Fri-day. Over 62000HUF was raised. That is second highest amount raised from Cookie Friday sales this school year. Awesome Effort!!

Secondary had their music assembly this past Monday, and it was fantastic. The musicians and singers were absolutely wonderful. If your child presented during the assembly you can be very proud of her/him and their performances. We have some very, very, talented secondary students. Again, we thank the students for their superb efforts!!

Next week brings us to the end of the 2018 school term. Please remember that primary class parties will be on the afternoon of the 18th, Brilliant Britannica on the 19th, and school lets out early on the 20th. And, this will be the last week of After School clubs for this year. No clubs next week.

Speaking of Brilliant Britannica (BB), Mrs. Moreton is in need of a few parents to help with the hot wine stall. If you are interested, and can spare some time during BB, please contact her for details. She would greatly ap-preciate your support.

On a sad note, Mr. and Mrs. McGarry lost a long time family pet this week. If you have, or ever had a pet, you know how much they become part of the family. So, we wish them well and hope their pain soon eases a bit.

We have much to do next year, and we thank you for all of your support during this term. We wish you all Happy Holidays, and a Prosperous New Year. Safe travels to all those who are journeying over the holidays. And we'll see you in 2019!

Please note today is the last day to complete the School Survey.


Ray Rabatin, Barbara Belyo, Izabella Iszlai, Szilvia Nemeth, Maria Molina Sierra, Anita Ajan

Dear Britannica Community,

We have visited the Red Cross Centre and met the mothers and children living in this centre. It was heart-breaking to see how whole families are packed into tiny rooms, and how 10 families have to share 1 bath-room and 1 kitchen. And then we do not even mention the condition of these rooms! It was very clear that these children are indeed in dire need of some magic in their lives. And we are determined that to-gether as a community we can do that this Christmas!

Our aim is to bring 2 presents to all children and lots of toiletries to the mothers. Thanks to our wonderful parent base, already 80% of the wishes are already being fulfilled! Many thanks to all those lovely people who are supporting us.

Having said that, 20% of the wishes are still waiting to be chosen, so the opportunity for you to partici-pate is still there! Follow the link below and fill out the form as per the instructions.

Britannica Charity Appeal

If you'd like to participate but have no time, you may also donate money and we will purchase presents and/or toiletries on your behalf! Please write us an email on or for arrangements.

We are also collecting winter (only winter!) clothes for the children and women in this centre. So if you have items in good condition, please feel free to bring those in as well. We are collecting everything in the back of the auditorium! Many thanks for your generosity and support!

DEADLINE is Wednesday December 19th(Brilliant Britannica), but if you could bring it in earlier that would be appreciated.

The presents will be distributed on Friday December 21st – if you would like to join us, please do let us know!

Warm regards,

Agnes & Vera