On the 7th of February our Basketball Team played a friendly match versus the American International School of Budapest.

We left early with a minibus to get to Nagykovácsi in time, so we had enough time to warm up and get our tactics discussed. This proved to be really useful once the game started.

In the first quarter we started out with strong defence and accurate attacks, that forced their team to call for their first time out not long after the start of the game.

As we carried double digits lead into the second quarter, we slowly started to forget our basic strategy that was discussed before the game, and as they crept closed with easy layups and close range jumpers, our defence begin to collect too many fouls.

At halftime when the team sat down, our focus again was directed towards clean defence and the importance of patience under the opponent’s basket, thus when we stepped on the court we were in the right mindset again.

It immediately showed in the way we managed to get more efficient on the defensive side with timely blocks and clean open looks in offense. Koki especially enjoyed this new found rhythm, at one point of the game sinking four three pointers in a row, while the rest of the team all found their open looks, gaps to attack and blocks to hand out.

In the least quarter AISB made one more strong push to get closer, which resulted in two of our key players fouling out, but our team managed to stick to our strategy all way through, our opponent never got the chance to come close enough to take this victory away from us.

All round great team defence and some excellent scoring characterised our game, it was good to see the progress. Congratulations for the team, and thank for our supporters for coming along and cheering for us!