Meet the Teacher

It was fantastic to see so many parents at the Meet the Teacher event yesterday. We hope you found the information and presentations useful and were able to find out the answers to any of those nagging questions you may have had in your head since the start of the term. The relationship between the school and home is, of course, crucial to the progress of your children, so if you do ever have any queries and questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Part of the purpose of the event is to introduce any new staff to the wider community. From talking to some of them after the event, it was wonderful to hear that they already feel very welcome and at home.


On Thursday, you will also have received details of the ECA’s for the first half of this academic year. Following feedback from parents last year, we have tried to get the clubs up and running as quickly as possible after the start of term and also to ensure a good spread of clubs throughout the week. If you are new to Britannica, due to other school commitments and meetings, most teaching staff do their clubs on a Monday or Wednesday whilst our external providers are spread across the week. If you would like to sign up, is essential that, if you are a Primary parent or a secondary student you make your choices before the deadline on Monday 9th September. This allows the school a few days to sift through all the returns and set everything up ready for the clubs to start on Monday 16th September. From the returns received already, some of the clubs are looking very popular so I would urge you to do this as soon as you can.

Access system update

Following on from last week’s message, all new students including all of year 1 had their photos taken on Tuesday morning to be used on the entry cards. These are currently being processed but with over 100 new students this does take a few days. As soon as these are ready, we will distribute them to families. Thank you for your patience with this.

Taking care!

Please can I ask that all parents who are bringing their children to school by car take extra care and be vigilant when dropping their children off? We have really good relationships with our neighbours and most are extremely understanding. However, naturally if someone parks in front of their house or blocks their drive way, on occasions, it can be very irritating. Repeated use of the car horn is also not helpful when there is a jam on the road ahead. Please do try and be considerate to other road users.

Have a great weekend

Kind regards