Dear Parents,

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter. The term is now in full swing and it has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and engagement in class rooms this week. The new students and staff have all settled in well and already feel part of the Britannica family.

Access Cards: Security Announcement

This is a very important notice, so please do read carefully! As you know, we have installed a new access system over the summer to further improve the security of the school site. From Monday 16th September 2019, the system will be fully enforced. Please note the following points:

  • There will be no entry through the back gate without a valid access card
  • If you forget your card, entry will only be permitted via the front gate subject to passing any requested security checks
  • All cards have been checked this week to verify they are working and replaced if they did not function properly
  • All new students have had new cards created and issued
  • Two free cards are provided by the school per family
  • An additional third card or replacement cards can be requested using the email address
  • Additional or replacement cards incur a charge of 2000HUF per card or 2500HUF per card with a lanyard.

The access cards allow entry/exit on to school premises between

7.45am and 8.45 am

3.15pm and 5.15pm

I have received excellent feedback on the new system from parents to date. It is wonderful to see parents fully supporting the school in its efforts to make all our children as safe as we possibly can.

One further item linked to this is to note that a fire practice and a lockdown practice will follow in the next few weeks to practice these vital school community procedures using the new fast gates.

Meet SLT

We are now well in to the first half term of the school year, so it feels like a good time for us to get together to take stock of the start of the year and pave the way for the future. With this in mind, I would like to invite you all to the first Meet SLT of the academic year. If you are new to Britannica, this is an opportunity to meet the senior team, hear from me about what is going on at Britannica and ask any questions you may have. It is usually a lively event!

Time and place: 8.45am -10am, Auditorium

Date: Wednesday 18th September, 2019

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Neil McGarry