Welcome to this week’s Newsletter.

CIS Preparatory Evaluation

It has been an incredibly busy week with three members of the CIS accreditation team visiting the school to assess our readiness to move to the next phase of the accreditation process. Although we won’t receive their official report for approximately six weeks, they did give us some general feedback about the school and its community.

Please see the gallery below about some sessions with the CIS accreditation team.

Areas of strength

  • Polite, well mannered, well behaved, caring children
  • High quality, enthusiastic, caring teachers
  • Culture of care and trust permeates the school
  • Strong relationships between all members of the community
  • Strong curriculum model
  • Well organised and open leadership team
  • Strategies introduced have produced significant improvements in all areas of the school since last recommendations in 2016

Areas for development

  • Create a definition of what the Britannica community believe constitutes high quality learning
  • Create a definition of what being an International Global Citizen means within the Britannica community
  • Develop parent understanding of the school’s strategic plan

Overall, this is very pleasing feedback and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in meeting with the team this week and particularly my teaching staff and admin team who really excelled. It is always quite nerve-wracking when external teams visit the school and the initial feedback has made me feel very proud. There is plenty of work to do and the next twelve months are likely to extremely busy. There will certainly be opportunities for parents to get involved in developing the school even further and I look forward to taking on board your suggestions as we create the above definitions.

Of course, further discussion and information will be forthcoming once we receive the report in six weeks.

Sports teams

A fantastic development at the start of this year has been the introduction of Britannica Football teams at KS2 and 3. I won’t spoil other people’s Newsletter sections but would like to add my congratulations to all the players and staff involved.

Kind regards