Dear parents,

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter.

Canteen Terrace

As you know, earlier this term we installed a terrace outside the canteen. This has made a huge difference to lunchtimes and provided an excellent all year round facility for the students and staff to use. This week, to improve the area even more, we are having the paving redone. Some of the paving stones around the edges, in particular, have become uneven and we thought it wise to sort this minor problem out before it got any worse. With the Pirate’s Cove also being developed and summer work planned on the façade and the staircase, over a period of six months, this area of the school will have been completely transformed. I am really looking forward to seeing how it all looks once the children’s ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ theme is fully realised!

The paving work will take a week to complete and with the weather set to stay dry and warm, we have relocated the tables and chairs to outside on the other side of the canteen to ensure the continued smooth running of lunchtimes.


A big thank you to the 285 families who have replied to our request for information regarding whether you are intending to stay with us for the next academic year. It is very important that you reserve your place as we now have several year groups that are full and have waiting lists. If you have not yet done so, please follow the link to the google sheet below this message. A quick note to remind you that contractually, if you indicate that you are leaving after the May 1st deadline, you will lose your deposit, so please make sure that you let us know, either way, before the deadline.

Summer Uniform

A reminder that next week is the last week before we switch to our summer uniform. All students will already have been informed by class teachers and tutors but if you have missed it, because of the late Easter, our school photographs will take place before the break. These are taken in the summer uniform, so we have decided to move the switch of uniforms forward by a few days. From Monday 8th April, students may come to school in their summer items.

Amazing Memories!

Finally, well done to all the Key Stage 3 students who took part in the House Memory competition during my assembly on Monday. The winning house managed to remember an astonishing 175 out of a possible 180 words in 5 minutes. I will announce the winning House on Monday during assembly.

Have a great weekend

Neil McGarry