Dear Parents

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter! I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter holiday and have come back refreshed and ready for what is always an exciting term at Britannica

Year 13 Graduation and Examinations

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a wonderful occasion, as we held our Year 13 graduation ceremony. This marks the official end of their time as students at Britannica. They are now only expected to attend for revision sessions and examinations. The end of your school days is always an emotional occasion and this was no different. They have been a tremendous group of students, always hard working, committed and real role models to the younger students. After my opening words of wisdom, we were treated to some excellent thought provoking speeches from our year 13 students, a farewell speech from their tutor Mr Spisak, who has been with them throughout their time at the school, presents and keepsakes from all the tutor groups and finally a parade around the corridors and a social event up on the balcony outside the club. The letting off of balloons across the city symbolised their flight to new adventures and the future. I would like to thank everyone for the huge amount of preparation and planning that went in to the event and the wonderful decorations provided by our admin and maintenance teams. Now comes the hard work. We wish them every success in their upcoming exams. I know they will do us proud.


If you have not already done so, can I request that you complete the intentions for the next academic year response form as soon as possible? Thank you to the 370 parents who have managed to do so already. This is truly outstanding, thank you. If you have not yet done so, please follow the link below the Newsletter or in the email sent to you directly. You may already know that we are currently full and have a growing waiting list, so would recommend completion as we are now past the May 1st deadline. This may be potentially troublesome as your places are no longer secure and you are in danger of losing your deposit or being charged partial fees should you now decide to leave.

Upcoming Events

Over the next seven weeks, we have an incredible number of events, activities, performances and trips taking place. I would like to thank my staff in advance for their energy, organisational skills and dedication to providing these enriching and enhancing learning experiences for our students. I would urge parents to keep a close eye on the school newsletter, school website and calendar to ensure you do not miss anything!

It all starts tomorrow with our annual Spring Fayre. All members of our community are invited to attend and enjoy a range of exciting activities, games and stalls. Students need to register at 9.30 a.m. with the official opening at 10 a.m. The PSA have done an amazing job in organising the event and have secured some tremendous prizes for the raffle, so would urge you to snap up your tickets while you can!

It is sure to be a fantastic event and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Finally, a reminder to all Primary parents that Monday 6th May is Primary Sports Day.

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Neil McGarry