It has been a busy week in Primary with a Year 1 trip, Year 2 Art exhibition, PSA Valentine’s cookies, a Farsang Carneval and a Flea Market! There has also been lots of time for lovely learning in classes too.

Year 2 Art exhibition

Class News

Students have been presenting their Science projects in 5 Teme. Ines created an incredible and sophisticated project which was also interactive! Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 5 Thames were also presenting their Islamic Art project and their space projects too! Please see the gallery for pictures.

Some 3 Stour students presented their projects, posters or demonstrated science experiments about Magnetism. They also made Viking Long Ships in Art lessons. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 4 Tees made 3D shapes from nets and then worked collaboratively to construct ‘cities’ from these. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 4 Taw were learning how to play piano and how to read music notes. Ms Balogh says they were absolutely amazing! Please see the gallery for details.

Flea Market

The flea market was a popular event today! Children got the chance to clear out old toys and get new ones! Money raised will go towards our summer community project: Project Pirate Mural! This is an exciting new project to rival Project Mural from last year.

Project Pirate Mural

This week, the Student councillors counted votes from the voting box in the library to find out which picture book was the most popular choice in our community. After half term, we will announce the winner in assembly and will begin phase 2 of our grand plan!

Friendship Bench

Our artist in residence, the wonderful Tina Gibson, plus our dedicated PSHCE Coordinators, Miss Lawson and Miss Tonge, have been working on the friendship bench with the art club team. Last term, Alicja’s design won the Primary competition and this has now been painted onto a friendship bench.

This will be launched in assembly after the half term. Thank you to everyone involved for creating this wonderful addition to our playground which should make playtimes a friendlier and happier place.

Chess Tournament

See our gallery for pictures of Primary and secondary students in the chess tournament last week! Well done to all who took part.

New Beginnings

Both Mrs Brandon and Ms Balogh will be leaving us (temporarily!) at half term in order to prepare for the arrival of baby Brandon and baby Balogh. We also said farewell to Katalin Bodnar earlier this month for her maternity leave too!

On behalf of all the community, I would like to wish them all the best. We will miss them very much but cannot wait to see them with their new additions in the near future!


This week, the Hungarian Department led assembly on the theme of Farsang. Children from Primary had the chance to view costumes and paraded past the Secondary students on the way. We also did some one-minute meditation.

Many congratulations to all children who appeared in the merit book. Check out the Britannica Facebook page for photos of assembly.

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators can also help:,, and of course, I would be happy to help too at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families.

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary