Primary News

Important Dates

3rd June

Mural Painting

5th June

Year 4 Normafa Trip

5th June

Meet SLT

7th June

New Class Letters

11th June

Step Up Day

12th& 13th June

Primary Swimming Competition

18th June

Reports Parent workshop

18th June

Class parties

20th June

Y6 Production

21st June

Britannica’s Got Talent

21st June

Reports out to Parents

24th June


26th June

Last day of Term 3

It has been a busy week in Primary with assessment fortnight continuing plus a Spelling Bee and Year 6 rehearsals for their production. There’s still been lots of time for lovely learning in class too.

Class News 2 Medway used their knowledge of place value to code break. Please see the gallery for pictures.

4 Tees have been using Scratch to code games and animations. Please see the gallery for pictures.

5 Teme have been undertaking experiments with their parachute designs. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Parent Portal

It’s nice to see more parents exploring what the Parent Portal has to offer! The class teachers have been sharing some useful links in their weekly communication. I hope you find this helpful.

On the Parent Portal, you can find some useful Maths resources to support learning at home, recently added by our Maths Coordinator, Mrs Kmetty. There are a range of websites to help continue learning at home, including some online problem solving practice, These useful links also have tips for solving and parent guidance.

To access this information, click on the School Information tab and select Documents and Files – Curriculum – Mathematics – Problem Solving Online Links.

Please do take the time to explore the Parent Portal and ask for help from me if you are having trouble registering your account.

If you have further suggestions on what information you would like us to share, do let me know!

You can find the parent portal link on the school website homepage.

Assessment Fortnight

Congratulations to all of our Primary children for completing their online assessments this week. I have seen many proud and excited teachers, so pleased with the progress their children have made. We are so very proud of all that our children have achieved and look forward to celebrating with you in the reports, due out at the end of term.

Parents will also receive a written report with recommendations for support at home from GL Assessments. This, along with some guidance to interpret the report, will be sent home with the reports at the end of the year on Friday 21st June.

There will also be a parent workshop on Tuesday 18th June to help interpret and understand the various reports.

Mural Painting

Next week, we will begin painting in the Pirate’s Cove. To save school uniform, please send your child in with old clothes (which don’t matter if they are splodged with paint that will not wash out) on their painting day.

Monday – Year 1&2

Tuesday – Year 3&4

Thursday Year 5&6

Friday – selected children (parents informed individually)

If you are interested in taking part in the project, please do get in touch – we would love to have you join in! A talent in art is not necessary, just an enthusiasm to take part in this community event!

Step Up Day and Classes Next Year

Please note that you will be receiving a letter detailing your child’s new class, teacher, TA and room on Friday 7th June. They will spend the day with their new class on Tuesday 11th June for Step Up Day. Some new children will also be visiting Britannica for the day to spend time with their new class.

If your family are leaving Britannica at the end of this academic year, they will also receive a letter telling them where they will spend the morning on the 11th.

Please note that some year groups have opted to keep classes the same while others have mixed classes for next year. As explained in the parent handbook (available on the Parent Portal for download), we make these decisions with the best interests of the children as our priority. Sometimes, when children depart and others arrive for the new academic year, we need to balance nationalities, girls/boys, English-learning level and personalities and so the best way to ensure good learning is to mix. At other times, the classes work well together and we are able to keep them the same.

Teachers do consider friendships when making decisions to mix, although please note that matches made in heaven in the playground are not always conducive to good learning in the classroom.


This week, assembly was a nail-biting Inter-house Spelling Bee, led by Mr Hudspith.

We also did some one-minute meditation with Mr Hudspith and congratulated our Stars of the Week.

Many congratulations to all children who appeared in the merit book. Check out the Britannica Facebook page for photos of assembly.

Star of the Week

1 Axe


5 Teme


1 Avon


5 Thames


2 Medway


6 Trent


2 Mersey


6 Tyne


3 Tamar



Chenrui Y5 Thames

3 Stour



Melodie Y6 Tyne

4 Tees



Hajna Y2 Medway

4 Taw



Jenny Y5 Thames


Anirudh Y2 Medway


Konrad Y6 Trent

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators can also help:,, and of course, I would be happy to help too at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families,

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary