Secondary News

Welcome to the final Secondary news of the year!

If anyone has any idea where the last year has gone, please let me know because I have no idea!

This final week (I know we have camps next week!) has been very busy for all of us with Secondary Sports Day, the football tournament and the visit of the students and staff from Quito and Moscow.

The visitors arrived on Sunday and left this morning singing the praises of Budapest. They all seem to have had a great time visiting most of the highlights of the city including the Castle, Aquincum, the Hospital in the Rock and of course Britannica International School. The highlight seems to have been the few hours we spent at Palatinus with some of our fabulous Year 10 students and the vampire and ghost night time tour of the Castle. They also really enjoyed the historical tour of the city with Mr. Bannan and Mr. Gould.

The weather held off for Sports Day and our students are fantastic when it comes to taking part and supporting each other. Many thanks to Mr. Markolt and his team for making this such a great success.

The football was very competitive with Water house coming out as winners. There were also two very competitive and hard fought matches against the staff. The staff narrowly beat the KS3 students and were just beaten by the KS4 students. We’ll be back next year, fitter, stronger and better trained!

This morning we have had our prize giving assembly which has been a lovely event, it is so encouraging to see so many different students getting awards and acknowledgements, they are well deserved and all the winners are to be congratulated! Fire house have won the House of the Year Trophy, many congratulations to all Fire students who have contributed to this victory.

As we come to the end of the year it is very sad to say goodbye to some of our colleagues, this seems to be nature of international schools. I’d really like to thank all the staff for their dedication and commitment to the students and I wish all those travelling to pastures new best wishes for the future. For all those staff returning next year, and the new staff coming who may read this newsletter, have a very well deserved break and get plenty of rest. Next year is going to be busy!

To all parents and students, have a wonderful summer, stay safe, don’t forget to keep learning and see you on MONDAY 26th AUGUST 8:20 prompt!

Next week will be


Thank you

Greg Barker Head of Secondary