Primary News

It has been a busy week in Primary with Key Stage assemblies, a Meet the Teacher for Year 5 parents, a Meet SLT and a Class Representative Meeting! There has also been lots of time for lovely learning in classes too.

Class News

6 Tyne produced realistic artwork, with more detail than the real thing. Blew Miss G away!

Year 1 were looking for signs of winter and how they could tell it was winter. They found some good clues that it is definitely the season of winter!

2 Mersey made lamps as they are learning about Florence Nightingale, aka the lady and the lamp.

Year 1 are exploring ordinal numbers and stories.

Year 5 are making Islamic Art using a single line and compasses to draw circles!

Year 3 Tamar were learning about Newton's Law of motion! An object that is at rest, stays at rest! This card flicking trick definitely worked. They tried various sizes of coins to see if the coin's weight would affect whether or not it would drop into the cup, if the card was flicked away. But the size and weight had no difference. If the coin is at rest, then it stays resting, even if the card is flicked away and drops into the cup!

Year 5 Meet the Teacher

A big thank you to the parents who participated in the mini Meet the Teacher event with Miss Archer and Mrs Kmetty on Wednesday. They both thank the children and parents of Year 5 for making them feel so welcome.

I hope that the event was useful to Year 5 parents in establishing strong links between home and school which is so crucial for the excellent progress of our children.

Class Representative Meeting

Thank you to all the Parent Representatives for their continued support and feedback in Primary. We met again on Tuesday and discussed how we can improve communication in Primary, with the development of a home-school agreement also being discussed.

The wider Primary parent community can pass on any whole-Primary matters you would like us to discuss at our next meeting, although matters specifically relating to your child or class should be taken directly to the class teacher or Key Stage Coordinator.

World Record Attempt

On Wednesday 23rd January, we will be attempting to break a World Record for Maths week. We plan to have the largest number of people EVER simultaneously dancing to Oops Upside Your Head.

The morning will be spent exploring world records in classes, with a focus on Time, our Primary area of focus this year. The record attempt will begin after lunch (13.10) and all in our community are welcome to come and participate.

If you plan to attend, please sign in at reception to record you attendance. We hope to see many of you there!

Maths Week and Maths Hats

For assembly next week (Friday 25th January), children can come to school wearing their Maths Hats! It looks set to be an action-packed week with the whole-school record breaking attempt on Wednesday and a variety of activities throughout the week involving time, which is our Primary target for this year. Primary classes will have the chance to attempt a variety of records in class. We are all excited for Maths Week!


This week, assemblies were held in Key Stages, with KS1 focusing on healthy eating choices and KS2 looking at goals. They took a sneak peek of the school development and extension plans. We also did some one-minute meditation.

Many congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week and children who appeared in the merit book. Check out the Britannica Facebook page for photos of assembly.

Star of the Week

1 Axe


6 Trent


1 Avon


6 Tyne

Manas and Manthan

2 Medway



Ufuk Y5 Thames

2 Mersey



Dalija Y3 Tamar

3 Tamar



Andrei Y2 Mersey

Ruben Y3 Tamar

Alexey Y5 Thames

3 Stour



Axel Y1 Avon

4 Tees



Robyn Y6 Trent

4 Taw



Andreas 5 Teme

Nelli Y6 Tyne

5 Teme


5 Thames


Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators can also help:,, and of course, I would be happy to help too at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families.

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary