Primary News

It has been a busy week in Primary with children preparing for Student Council elections and an ice cream social. There was plenty of time for lots of lovely learning in class too.

Class News

Y4 Taw made a teeth mold as part of their science topic on teeth and eating.

Y3 Stour class were singing the Bone song as they are learning about the bones in the human body in their science unit Animals, including humans

In History, Y6 Tyne used their investigation skills to link dates, facts and images together in order to create a time line that could teach younger children about the key events of WW2. As a class, they used our new vocabulary which they had learnt during English and Guided Reading to add extra information to their timeline. At the beginning of the lesson the children agreed that to help the younger children they would need to use images and definitions to help them understand the vocabulary. They used resources such as Atlases in order to create flags and draw countries for our maps which we attached to our timelines. They hope to present them next week as teachers.

This week 5 Teme have learnt how to mix primary colours to make secondary, and even tertiary colours. They also had mark become teacher in science as they investigated a mammal’s life cycle.

Important dates

Class Representatives 219/20

Most classes have their Class Representatives secured already so thank you very much to those parents who have offered their time. In the coming weeks, we will have our first meeting but there are still a couple of positions to fill. Please contact me and your child’s class teacher if you are interested in being involved. Some parents have opted to share the role and this is great too!

Parent Portal

This week, you should have received registration details for the parent portal if you are a new family. If you are returning to Britannica, you may like to know that the portal has been updated with this year’s timetables and also the Parent Handbook.

The Parent Handbook was updated last year with feedback and advice from our Class Representatives and teachers. You can find it by clicking on the ‘School Information’ tab at the top and following this pathway:

School Information – Document and Files – Policies – Primary Parent Handbook

As always, if you find any information missing or unclear, do either let me or your class representative know so we can continually improve what we communicate and do.

Fun Run: Budapest Marathon

As in previous years, Britannica will be participating in the Budapest Marathon family fun run: the Erste Maratonka 2.3km race on 28th September 2019.

If you would like to join in the fun and raise money for charitgy, use this link to sign up online:

After your registration, please bring and give the registration fee (1000ft) to your child’s teach or teaching assistant. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Kiss at

Swipe Cards

Please ensure you bring and use your swipe cards from Monday 16th September. The gates will be locked without them and you will need to go through reception and sign in.

The security swipe cards of all children who had their cards in school on Monday have been tested and are ready to go. If there is an issue with your card not working on the new system, it will be replaced free of charge. You just need to drop it at reception.


This week, assembly was in Key Stages with KS1 focusing on Growth Mindset and KS2 focusing on friendships.

Many congratulations to all of our stars of the week - you can find their pictures and reasons for receiving them in the display in reception.

Congratulations also for those children who appeared in the Merit Book. The golden Merit Book is kept outside the Primary Office and parents and children are most welcome to come, take a look and flick through the pages of loveliness. We are very proud of our children and love to show off how wonderful they are, so do feel free to take a look!

Concerns & Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

Star of the week

The Key Stage Coordinators are also very lovely and willing to help. You can contact them here:

KS1 Coordinator - Rosie Wolland:

LKS2 Coordinator - Justyna Bilski:

UKS2 Coordinator - Ryan Phillips:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families,

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary