It has been a busy week in Primary with an Open Day, Year 3 Science Fair (gallery below) and the Orbital A lot Happens in a Minute project. There has also been lots of time for lovely learning in classes too.

Class News

Year 5 Teme worked on tiny houses combining their knowledge of 3D shapes, area and perimeter. Please see the gallery for pictures of students working on them, putting on the finishing touches and the display!

Year 1 did a Busó parade on Wednesday to chase winter away and welcome spring. Students and teachers dressed up in scary masks and animal fur, creating a fantastic atmosphere around school singing songs and making a lot of noise. Even the secondary students were terrified of Y1... :) Keep calm and turn spring on! :)

Flea Market

The Flea Market before half term was a huge success with plenty of old toys, books and even clothes being sold, raising money for our Project Pirate Mural. I was able to take several teddies, puzzles and toys home for a rather delighted Eve! I hope your children were also pleased with their ’new’ items.

Project Pirate Mural

This week, the Student councillors announced that the winning picture book which will be reprodcued on our walls as part of the Project Pirate Mural this year will be Pirates Love Underpants. Each class voted for their favourite, but this was the clear winner.

Work will start later in March on the development of the Pirate Cove with the mural project starting later in the summer term. More details will come, but do let me or Tina Gibson know if you would like to be involved!

Friendship Bench

The lunchtime Art Club, Tina Gibson and Mrs Szemeredy were working on the friendship bench before half term. It is now complete and Student Council launched this in assembly today.

This bench aims to make playtimes a friendlier place for all of our children. If a child is feeling lonely, they simply have to sit on the bench to indicate that they would like to play. Our lovely children have then pledged that they will include these children in their games.

New Music Teacher

Mr Ian de Feu has returned to Britannica as the music teacher for Years 1-5. He has previously worked at Britannica and the staff and students who remember him are delighted to welcome him back. Mr de Feu will be covering Ms Katalin’s maternity leave and he has already made an excellent start this week.

New Mathematics Coordinator

Due to the departure of Mrs Brandon for her maternity leave, Mrs Kmetty has stepped into the role of Mathematics Coordintor for Primary. I would like to thank Mrs Brandon for her hard work and huge successes with the introduction of our calculations policy, Maths Week events (including our record breaking attenpt for the Oops Upside Your Head dance!) and the introduction of the Mental Maths tests.

I would also like to thank Mrs Kmetty for stepping into these big shoes and for the excellent ideas she has to continue this good work and ensure maths learning is excellent across Primary.

Online Supervision

The wonderful world of Youtube is much loved by many children, but it is recommended that parents monitor what children are watching and the sites your children are visiting online. For advice on keeping children safe online, you can visit this site.

Open Day

Open Day was a huge success, due largely to our wonderful Year 6 tourguides. The feedback from the visiting families was that the children were delightful and gave so much information about our school. They spoke with eloquence and we are all very proud of them.

Thank you also to the Key Stage Coordinators and Ray from the PSA who presented so beautifully about Britannica. It is lovely to be part of such a wonderful community.

A Lot Happens in a Minute

On Thursday at 10am, each class across the Orbital group took a snapshot of what is happening in their classes in each school to show the lovely learning and events in our group. Watch this space for the collation video of ’A Lot Happens in a Minute’!


This week, was 5 Teme class with the theme of Growth Mindset and failing well! We also did some one-minute meditation.

Many congratulations to all children who appeared in the merit book. Check out the Britannica Facebook page for photos of assembly.

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators can also help:,, and of course, I would be happy to help too at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families.

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary