Primary News

Important Dates

11th November

Anti-bullying week

12th November

Odd Socks Day

14th November

Parent workshop: Calculations and Mental Maths

27th November

Year 1 Tropicarium Trip

3rd December

Parent Workshop: EAL support and strategies

6th December

Cookie Friday

11th December

KS1 Winter Concert

16th December

Year 2 Story Museum Trip

18th December

Winter reports out to parents

18th December

Parent Workshop: Reporting and Assessment

20th December

Brilliant Britannica Christmas Fayre

School ends 14.30

10th January

Spring Term begins

It has been a busy week in Primary with PSHCE learning walks, a Year 3 Parent Workshop and a visit from A-Z Kindergarten teachers. There has been time for lots of lovely learning in class too.

Class News The Year 1 Hungarian as a second language students have created paper houses to learn about furniture in Hungarian.

In Maths, Y5 Teme looked at improper fractions and mixed numbers and how to convert between the two.

Y5 Thames overcame their nerves when practising for their assembly and showed great growth mindset! Well done!

Y3 Tamar class sequenced the story THE TUNNEL which they read in class.

Year 6 children were exploring, sharing and teaching each other about different types of sentences. What is a simple sentence? What is the difference between a main and a subordinate clause? What makes a compound sentence? How do we remember the co-ordinating conjunctions? How many different ways can we use subordinating conjunctions? Why do use a range of different types of sentences? Feel free to ask our ‘teachers’ in Year 6!

PSHCE Learning Walks

This week, Miss Roberts, our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) Coordinator, has been undertaking Learning Walks in all of the Primary classes.

At Britannica, we understand that a child’s well-being and happiness is a vital part of our role and this ultimately has an impact on their ability to learn too.

Therefore, we provide both proactive and reactive lessons to help children understand feelings, emotions, friendships, conflict resolution, good learning habits and more.

Undertaking these learning walks helps us to share good practice and ideas and shows the importance that we place on this area.

Odd Socks Day - Tuesday 12th November

Join us for Odd Socks Day as part of Anti-Bullying Week! This is an opportunity to encourage children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique. Most importantly, Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun and to help raise awareness of bullying.

To take part, all your child has to do is wear odd socks to school and bring in a donation of 200 HUF! Money raised by the families at Britannica will then be donated to the local charity, Step by Step! Association. This charity supports centrally paralyzed children and their families, with our donations they will continue to make the lives of families caring for children with disabilities more accessible.

We look forward to celebrating our individuality and raising awareness of bullying, encouraging that small changes can make a big difference!

Manu thanks to Miss Roberts for organising Anti-bullying Week and Odd Socks Day!

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal continues to be a good way to access a wealth of resources to help you understand what your children are doing at school, plus what you can do at home to help them.

While it can be tricky initially to register, please do persevere and ask for help if necessary as I am sure you will find it very useful!

The Learning Menus for Years 1-4 have now been updated and uploaded onto the Parent Portal. You can find them at the below pathway:

School Information – Document and Files – Curriculum – Learning Menus

As always, if you find any information missing or unclear, do either let me or your class representative know so we can continually improve what we communicate and do.

Year 3 CAT4 Parent Workshop

Before the half term holiday, the Year 3 children took the CAT4 ability online tests to help us with tracking and understanding our learners and their strengths and styles. This week, Year 3 parents received a parent report sharing these insights and how to help at home too.

On Wednesday, Year 3 parents were given the opportunity to attend a workshop to help them interpret these reports and understand their content and how they are used at Britannica. We hope it was useful!

Calculations and Mental Maths Parent Workshop

This is a reminder that the parent workshop for Calculations and Mental Maths will take place on Thursday 14th November in the auditorium after drop-off. This is relevant for all parents to understand the progression of skills taught and will be particularly useful for parents who are new to Britannica or who are keen to help their child with Maths at home.


This week, assembly was by Year 5 Thames on Remembrance Day.

Many congratulations to all of our stars of the week - you can find their pictures and reasons for receiving them in the display in reception.

Congratulations also for those children who appeared in the Merit Book – please feel free to flick through the golden pages; the book is stored outside the Primary Office and parents are encouraged to take a look – it does make your children proud!

Star of the Week

1 Axe


5 Teme


1 Avon


5 Thames


2 Medway


6 Trent


2 Mersey


6 Tyne


3 Tamar



Jenny Y5 Teme

3 Stour



Noel Y4 Tees

4 Tees



Nikolaz (3 stour)

4 Taw



Sofiya Y2 Medway


Anastasia Y1 Avon

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators are also very lovely and willing to help. You can contact them here:

KS1 Coordinator - Rosie Wolland:

LKS2 Coordinator - Justyna Bilski:

UKS2 Coordinator - Ryan Phillips:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families,

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary