Welcome to Primary News!

It has been a busy week in Primary with reading assessments, rehearsals for the KS1 Winter Concert (very cute dance moves – you are going to love it!) and paired reading in KS1 & KS3. There has been time for lots of lovely learning in class too.

Important Dates
27th NovemberYear 1 Tropicarium Trip
Year 4 Tutankhamun Trip
29th NovemberYear 2 Visit from Capsul Farm
3rd DecemberParent Workshop: EAL support and strategies
6th DecemberCookie Friday
Music Assembly
11th DecemberKS1 Winter Concert
16th DecemberYear 2 Story Museum Trip
18th DecemberWinter Reports issued to parents
20th DecemberBrilliant Britannica Christmas Fayre
School ends at 14:45
10th JanuarySpring Term begins

Class News

This week, Year 1 Avon they have been exploring shapes and shape properties in their Maths lessons. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 5 Teme have been carrying out experiments into solubility. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 3 Stour children have been learning about how to convert 12 and 24 hours time. They also learned about digital and analogue clocks and completed a sequencing activity about their daily routine.

Year 4 Taw are learning about the discovery of Ancient Egyptian writing and wrote their own messages using this ancient script.

Year 4 are powering up and learning all about building an electrical circuit!

Welcome to Mr Dominic Scott

As Year 4 Tees parents will be well aware, we have had to wish Ms Spivey a sad farewell as she was struck with illness over the half term and had to fly back to the UK. We were sorry to say goodbye to Ms Spivey and wish her a speedy recovery and all the best in the future.

On Monday, we will welcome Mr Dominic Scott as the new Year 4 Tees class teacher. Mr Scott has previously worked in Germany in Years 3,4 and 5 and has also worked as a science teacher in Secondary schools. He is a keen swimmer and enjoys diving in his spare time. He is very excited to be joining the team, and we are very happy that such an enthusiastic and creative colleague is joining us too!

Writing Assessments

The teachers have been marking the writing assessments that the children did last week, and I have been very proud with how excited the teachers have been when it becomes clear how far their children have come in their writing already this year. The teachers care so deeply about the children in their care and the progress that they make and they have enjoyed celebrating this!

First Responders

As part of our philosophy to develop our students as leaders, we have created a role for our children called ‘First Responders’. This is so our children can develop responsibility and support of each other with kindness in the playground.

The job of our First Responders is to provide comfort and support to children who have fallen and got an ‘ouchy’ on the playground. They accompany the children to the nurse.

For small ‘ouchies’ that do not require medical attention from our nurse (as agreed by the teacher on duty), they will support with their first aid kit.

Nurse Anna has now provided basic first aid training to our First Responder group, who are now ready and armed with plasters and bandages, plus ‘permission to see the nurse’ cards to support our children in the playground.

Congratulations and thank you to our caring children who have taken this responsibility:

2 MedwayLinaHiya
2 Mersey
3 StourZsofi, GerdaJana
3 TamarAndreasLujzi
4 TawSofiaLindsay
4 TeesMilisa
5 ThamesSultanTereza
5 TemeHannaReanne
6 TrentLily, SebiPeter, Vittorio
6 TyneAnna, MeiBianca, Gaspar

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal continues to be a good way to access a wealth of resources to help you understand what your children are doing at school, plus what you can do at home to help them.

While it can be tricky initially to register, please do persevere and ask for help if necessary as I am sure you will find it very useful!

The Maths Calculations and Mental Maths parent workshop files have now been uploaded under ‘Events and Workshops’ have now been onto the Parent Portal. You can find them at the below pathway:

School Information – Document and Files – Events and Workshops – Workshops – Calculations and Mental Maths Parent Workshop

As always, if you find any information missing or unclear, do either let me or your class representative know so we can continually improve what we communicate and do.


This week, assembly was a wonderful celebration of Hungarian language and culture by our Hungarian Department.

Many congratulations to all of our stars of the week - you can find their pictures and reasons for receiving them in the display in reception.

Congratulations also for those children who appeared in the Merit Book – please feel free to flick through the golden pages; the book is stored outside the Primary Office and parents are encouraged to take a look – it does make your children proud!

Eco Warrior Award: Year 4 Tees

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website staff page.

The Key Stage Coordinators are also very lovely and willing to help. You can contact them here:

KS1 Coordinator - Rosie Wolland: r.wolland@britannicaschool.hu

LKS2 Coordinator - Justyna Bilski: j.bilski@britannicaschool.hu

UKS2 Coordinator - Ryan Phillips: r.phillips@britannicaschool.hu

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families,

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary