It has been a busy week in Primary with an EAL Parent workshop, an Open day, a Year 5 trip and Cookie Friday. There has been time for lots of lovely learning in class too.

Class News

This week in Year 1 Avon they have been merging art and maths while exploring symmetry in shapes using paint, PlayDoh, numicon, mirrors and more!

Y3 Tamar have been busy writing their very own information books all about space. Also, Emma's presentation on the Bernoulli principle had everyone involved...including the teachers! Please see the gallery for pictures.

Year 5 visited the Houdini Museum and had a wonderful time. Please see the gallery for pictures.

Student Council

The student councillors enjoyed decorating the Britannica Christmas tree in the reception area. This is always a pleasure for them. It was nice to see how our oldest councillors, Blanka and Sara, took the lead gently and cooperated with the little children.

The Student Council also created a Christmas post box where they will collect Christmas cards and messages and deliver them across Primary.

Ugly Christmas Jumper Fun Run

It was great to see so many of the community at the Christmas Fun Run on Margit Island at the weekend. The sea of Christmas jumpers and smiling faces was a wonderful sight, as was the van-load of donations for disadvantaged children this Christmas. Thank you to Miss Kiss for organising the event and to everyone who took part!

EAL Parent Workshop

On Tuesday, Mr Balint and Miss Pal ran a workshop for parents of children attending EAL, or who have recently attended EAL. They gave an overview of what we do in school, the importance of developing the mother tongue, and how parents can help at home. The presentation will be available on the Parent Portal shortly. Many thanks to Mr Balint and Miss Pal for running this useful workshop, and to all the parents who attended!

KS1 Christmas Concert

The children in the Garden Corridor have been humming, signing and waddling along to Penguin Pete in their rehearsals in class and the auditorium and, frankly, wherever they go! The teachers are not exempt and I am sure the songs are quite familiar to KS1 parents by now too! Showtime is nearly here and we can’t wait to perform for parents on Tuesday 11th December in the auditorium from 2pm. We hope to see many of you there, as it does make it so special for our smallest children to get a wave from mum or dad from the audience.

Swimming Competition

Many congratulations to all our swimmers from KS2 for their successes last weekend! Thank you also to their teachers Ms Kovacs, Miss Saci and Ms Tron for their guidance and for giving their time to accompany the children to the event. I will leave it to Ms Kovacs to give you more details in her account of the event elsewhere in our newsletter.

Open Day

On Wednesday, we hosted an Open Day for new families. Some of our Year 6s toured the families around and spoke articulately about our school and behaved maturely, representing the school beautifully. They also made their teachers extremely proud when they helped the younger children and played with them while the leadership team were speaking. Thank you to our wonderful children, you certainly make our school a wonderful place to be! Please see the gallery for pictures.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a great way of finding out information. There are still parents asking for help to access the portal, which is great. Please do ask and I would be happy to help.

You can find the school calendar with events for Primary shown for the term. There are already dates added for next term, but we also add to this as we go too so it’s a good way of finding out what is happening in the school.

We also have a school directory where you can find email addresses of all the teachers in the school. You can find them at the below pathways:

School Life – School Calendar

School Information – School Directory

As always, if you find any information missing or unclear, do either let me or your class representative know so we can continually improve what we communicate and do.


This week, we delighted in the music assembly where the whole of Primary had a good sing-along. Many thanks to Mr K for running the assembly!

Many congratulations to all of our stars of the week - you can find their pictures and reasons for receiving them in the display in reception.

Congratulations also for those children who appeared in the Merit Book – please feel free to flick through the golden pages; the book is stored outside the Primary Office and parents are encouraged to take a look – it does make your children proud!

Stars of the Week

Concerns & Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators are also very lovely and willing to help. You can contact them here:

KS1 Coordinator - Rosie Wolland:

LKS2 Coordinator - Justyna Bilski:

UKS2 Coordinator - Ryan Phillips:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families,

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary