Dear Britannica Parents,

A big thank you to Year 7b and Year 5 Teme parents, the children, and other class parents for making last Friday's Cookie Friday such a success. You raised over 48000HUFs for our PSA funds. The funds will be used for future events (Spring Fayre) and to help offset the approximately 250000HUF we used for Christmas appreciation on the school staff.

We will have an up to date treasurer's report for next Thursday's PSA Coffee Morning and newsletter. We will discuss last week's executive committee topics, upcoming events, canteen issues, and parent concerns/suggestions. We hope to see you there!

Speaking of the canteen, we have asked and the canteen has agreed to provide Parmesan cheese and olive oil for their spaghetti meals, and to have the meat sauce as a side dish. Hopefully, this will allow the children to have the choice if they don't want the meat sauce on their spaghetti.

Also, the new enclosed area will help to provide more space for lunch breaks. A big thank you to Mr. McGarry and the school for this effort.

Next week is Maths week. On Wednesday the school will be having a Guinness whole school record attempt for the largest Oops Upside Your Head dance. The school would love for parents to be involved as well, either as a participant or as a steward to help oversee the event. The event itself will take place in period 5 (1:30). However, practice will begin from 1:10 in the auditorium. Please see the guidelines for the record attempt as it has important information for parents about children involved in record attempts. The following is the link to the you tube video if you or your child(ren) would like to practice your/their dance moves beforehand:

For questions please contact Mrs Katy Brandon (Y5 Thames Teacher) at

Ms Samantha Tonge (Y2 Mersey Teacher) would like to begin a gardening club in the next cycle of clubs (February) and is asking for parent volunteers that would be interested in helping out with the club. The club will be on a Monday after school, and will focus on growing vegetables that can be eaten as part of lunches. If you can spare some time on Mondays and have green fingers, please contact Ms Tonge at

In February, we will forego the Cookie Friday to have our Valentine's Sweetest Day event on the 14th. We hope to have Valentine cards available for your child(ren) to purchase for their friends/teachers/special someone, and an assortment of Valentine cookies. We will provide updated information on this event in next week's newsletter.

World Book Month will begin in March. So, brush up on your reading skills and be prepared to read a few stories to your favorite Year Groups. The students will be thrilled by your readings :-).

We have already started pre-planning for the next Big Event---Spring Fayre (SF). SF is scheduled for Saturday, 4 May, rain or shine. This will be a normal school day for the children, but will end early. SF is the biggest charity event for PSA and the school. A local charity is selected by the PSA Executive Committee and the school, and all proceeds after PSA/School expenses will go to the charity. Last year we were able to present 1,000,000HUFs to the Meals for Children charity ( ). This year we hope to again present the same amount to a deserving charity.

So, in line with our pre-planning strategy, if you have contacts with any businesses that would be interested in providing a raffle donation, or would like to set up a Vendor Stall at the Fayre, please have them contact Ray Rabatin at their convenience. Last year's participants will receive contact letters by the end of the month.

We are looking for loads of support from Britannica parents in order to have a very successful SF. Please consider volunteering when the need arises.

The Executive Committee thanks you for all that you do, and remember to "Bring Your Passion". Our children are counting on you!


Ray Rabatin, Barbara Belyo, Izabella Iszlai, Szilvia Nemeth, Maria Molina Sierra, Anita Ajan