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The week started with Mr. Markolt with a great presentation about some sporting icons and went on to start gearing students up for Sports Day which will be on Wednesday 19th June – I’ve been guaranteed sunshine which is going to make it a fabulous day.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 students seem to be standing up well to the tough cycle of exams they are going through. We are well over half way through the cycle now so the end is in sight for all of us! Thank you for your continued support in getting them up and in for the exams ontime and, apparantly, in good condition!

A reminder that internal examinations for Years 7-10 and some Year 12 subjects will run from 29th May to 4th June. We sent the timetables out yesterday. Please note that there will be no study leave during this period, any lessons not being used for examinations will either be a time for students to revise or teachers will be teaching new topics in preparation for next year.

Have a great weekend, who knows whether we’ll get sun or not, I’m resigned to the clouds and rain now!

Concerns and Queries

KS3 Coordinator – Years 7-9 Laura Peters

KS4 Coordinator – Years 10 & 11 Shaun O’Keefe

KS5 Coordinator – Years 12 & 13 Andor Spisak a.spisak

Please continue to contact your child’s form teacher in the first instance. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

I am happy to meet with you if you have any major concerns, or even if you’d just like a chat about school in general! My email address is

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