Good afternoon!

Well as I look out of my office window, I feel it could well be Spring, the sun is shining and birds are singing! I am reliably informed that this won’t last and the snow and frost will return soon!

I am pleased to say that from Monday we will be opening the auditorium for secondary students to use at lunch time. This is going to be a phone free zone. We’d like to encourage the students to chat to each other, read or play suitable card games. I’ll be speaking with the students on Monday to make clear our expectations but I am confident they’ll use the space sensibly and who knows, they may find the break from phones a welcome release – we’ll see!

A reminder for parents of Year 9, we will be holding an event on Wednesday 30th January to help you and your children make a really informed choice about iGCSE. We will be letting you know about iGCSE and A Level, about why these qualifications remain the ‘gold-standard’ across the globe and how to select the best course for each student. There will be an opportunity to speak with every teacher about their subjects and other colleagues will be available to give general careers guidance. I look forward to seeing all parents there if possible.

On Thursday 31st January from 2:40 – 6:00 pm we’ll be holding our secondary parents afternoon in the gym, it is a great opportunity for you to speak with subject teachers, particularly if you have concerns or worries about your child’s progress. Teachers will have booking sheets next week and students will be writing the times booked in their planners. Each slot is five minutes, so you might encourage your children to put some gaps in to their bookings to allow time to move around and not feel too rushed. I will also be available if you’d like to book a slot with me or you’ll probably be able to just catch me on the day. Looking forward to meeting you then.

Have a great weekend!

Concerns and Queries

KS3 Coordinator – Years 7-9 Laura Peters

KS4 Coordinator – Years 10 & 11 Shaun O’Keefe

KS5 Coordinator – Years 12 & 13 Andor Spisak a.spisak

Please continue to contact your child’s form teacher in the first instance. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

I am happy to meet with you if you have any major concerns, or even if you’d just like a chat about school in general! My email address is

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