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As promised last week, the ‘fun run’ went very well, it was lovely to see so many parents and students running. I’m not sure of the final number but it was a great turnout so well done to everyone. I understand that we may be doing another one in December, I can’t wait! We’ll keep you posted on that one.

As we move into the cooler weather, just a reminder that our official change time for Winter Uniform is half term. It would be so lovely for all of us to come back after half term with every student in the correct shoes, trousers, skirts, shirts, ties and blazers. I am confident that all the readers of this newsletter will ensure that their children are appropriately attired. If you have friends who don’t read this newsletter (what’s wrong with them?) please gently remind them about the changeover.

Just an update on the Bring Your Own Technology policy, this is working really well, better than we hoped for actually; almost every student in KS3 is now using an appropriate device and the majority of KS4 and KS5 as well. That’s fantastic so thank you so much for your support with this, it makes a huge difference. We are on the cusp of getting parents access to Canvas through their children so more on that next week hopefully.

Finally, the Year 7 and Year 10 students will take CAT4 tests next week. We use these principally for target setting, it gives students a score in four areas, Verbal, Non-Verbal, Spatial and Quantitative areas and also gives us some rough indications about expected progress. We don’t share the score with students or parents, but we will let the students know what the tests tell us about their relative strengths. We use these as a starting point for targets for both Key Stage 3 and iGCSE but also use a lot of other information we gather about the students. Please ensure the students don’t feel pressured to perform in these tests, they are valuable to us but are never shared outside the organization.

Have a great weekend!

Concerns and Queries

KS3 Coordinator – Years 7-8 Peter Sprawson p.sprawson@britannicaschool.hu

KS4 Coordinator – Years 9-11 Laura Peters l.peters@britannicaschool.hu

Please continue to contact your child’s form teacher in the first instance. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:


I am happy to meet with you if you have any major concerns, or even if you’d just like a chat about school in general! My email address is g.barker@britannicaschool.hu

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