Welcome to Secondary News!

Well the snow came as we expected and sadly we had to close the school, never an easy decision, but once the buses had stopped and too many staff were unable to get into school, it stopped being safe to remain open. Thank you so much to parents who were understanding of this situation.

One or two reminders about things coming up:

  • On the 18th December reports will be coming home for Years 7, 8 & 9. The Years 10-13 reports will come out in January.
  • Brilliant Britannica takes place on Friday 20th December and students will leave at 2:45 prompt.
  • The Year 11 and Year 13 students will have mock exams from 13th – 17th January. Y10 & Y12 will have internal assessments.

Finally, we are collecting and filling shoeboxes for local orphanages, a great way of reminding our children that not everyone has their privileges. If you would like to help your child create one (or more) they will need to buy a present for up to 10000 FT. A little extra information:

The children would love sweets and chocolates as well!

They would love some colourful bed linen as the government only gives them plain ones. All beds are single beds. The foster home also asked for 30 plain bottom sheets as well.

They would also really appreciate board games or presents for the whole group that they could play together.

We need to collect all this by 12th December, if you can help at all, please do. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Concerns and Queries

KS3 Coordinator – Years 7-8 Peter Sprawson p.sprawson@britannicaschool.hu

KS4 Coordinator – Years 9-11 Laura Peters l.peters@britannicaschool.hu

KS4 Coordinator – Years 12-13 Richard Roberts r.roberts@britannicaschool.hu

Please continue to contact your child’s form teacher in the first instance. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:


I am happy to meet with you if you have any major concerns, or even if you’d just like a chat about school in general! My email address is g.barker@britannicaschool.hu

Next Week will be


Thank you

Greg Barker

Head of Secondary