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We started this week with World Maths Day, which got off to a flying start with an excellent assembly taking a trip through time at the developments of games ond game theory. Students were introduced to the work of John Nash the ‘father’ of game theory and seemed to be thoroughly engaged with the superb drama unfolding on the stage. The KS3 students then went on to take part in a number of game theory based events run by the older students. It was lovely to see the years mixing and really positive for both sets of students.

Just a nudge to remind you that we will be switching to Summer uniform a week or so before the Easter break. It’s not that far away and some of the students have definitely grown over the last few months! All the details are on the website and we have a uniform shop on a Wednesday – be prepared!

Have a great weekend!

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KS3 Coordinator – Years 7-9 Laura Peters

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KS5 Coordinator – Years 12 & 13 Andor Spisak a.spisak

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