We had a lovely assembly at the beginning of the week, Mr. Mcgarry introduced the students to some of the memory techniques that can be used in order to improve memory. It was really interesting for the students to learn about mind palaces, as used by Sherlock Holmes; I’m sure with practise, we could all improve our memories. I’ve forgotten what the other techniques were.

The new flooring on the terrace part of the canteen has given us the opportunity to sit outside having our lunches in the sunshine this week. Having had a good look at the area, I think we can develop this as a space for students to use at break and lunchtimes when the weather is good – watch this space!

Don’t forget, we’ll be switching to our summer uniform on Monday 8th April! All the details are on the website and we have a uniform shop on a Wednesday – be prepared!

Have a great weekend!

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KS5 Coordinator – Years 12 & 13 Andor Spisak a.spisak @britannicaschool.hu

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