On Saturday, on 30th November, Britannica Swimming Team took part in a swimming competition at Hegyvidék Sportközpont és Tanuszoda. This was a swim meet arranged for schools of district 12, for students born in 2009-2010. Our school was represented by 11 enthusiastic students including Anna Y5 Teme, Giulia Y6 Tyne, Mihaela Y5 Teme, Man Ni Y5 Teme, Eszter Y5 Thames, Sára Y6 Trent, Alexey Y6 Tyne, Olivers Y5 Thames, Olivér Y4 Taw, Dávid Y6 Trent and Igor Y5 Teme.

The participants swam 25 metres in 3 different swimming styles. The heats were followed by the finals where the five best students of the heats had the chance to compete for victory. The last event was the most interesting one, the relay, where all of the schools put their best teams of 10 students (5 boys, 5 girls) together.


Gold medal:

Olivers Y5 Thames- 25m backstroke

Anna Y5 Teme- 25m freestyle, 25m breaststroke

Olivér Y4 Taw- 25m freestyle

Giulia Y6 Tyne - 25m backstroke

BRITANNICA Team – Relay race

Silver medal:

Olivers Y5 Thames- 25m freesytle

Giulia Y6 Tyne- 25m freestyle

Alexey Y6 Tyne- 25m backstroke

Dávid Y6 Trent- 25m breaststroke

Mihaela Y5 Teme - 25m breaststroke

Bronz medal:

Olivér Y4 Taw- 25m breaststroke

Congratulations for everyone and thank you to parents for their support and cheering!