Nikola is an experienced and committed musician, who understands the loyalty and dedication needed to create and communicate compelling music. Music is his passion and wants to inspire and educate people using his knowledge and skills.

Having a number of inspiring world class musicians/teachers in his life engaged him in a way he wants to engage others. His career as a gigging musician across music venues in London and festivals in the UK and abroad has given him the experience to perform in a variety of genres.

Nikola has an M.Arch in Interactive Architecture from UCL, which amounted to an installation piece which responded to sound to express emotion.

He then studied Music Performance and Production at London College of Creative Media, London. His modules were:

Jazz Performance;

Principal Study Tenor Saxophone;

2nd instrument study Guitar;


Arranging and Analysis;

Theory and Practice;

Harmony and Theory,

Arranger's Piano;

and Music in Context.

This solidified his existing knowledge of music of private tuition and live performance, and allowed him to open doors in the education sector.

Nikola has six years of experience of teaching music privately up to and beyond key stage 5.

He also has over 2 years of teaching music within primary and secondary schools in London

and International School of Bearn in Pau, France up to key stage 4, before arriving to Britannica.