Monday, March 18, 2019 once again it was time for a little maths. BRITANNICA celebrated World Maths Day with a series of events and competitions.

The day started with an Assembly introduced by our Head Girl, Marta (Y12). The topic this year was

“Games”. Our students explored the history of traditional strategic

games in the play Aladdin and His Magic Lamp adapted by Mr. Andor Spisák and directed by Marta. The cast of the play was as follows:

Dear Marta Marta(Y12) Adorable Nikolas (Y13) Aladdin Elsa (Y8) Carpet Alberto (Y8) Genie Tiya (Y8)

Mesopotamians Laura, Petra (Y9)

Ancient Indians people Dávid, Dániel (Y9) Ancient Chinese people Zeyu, Yunhao (Y8)

Judge Reagan(Y9) Guard Juncai (Y8) Prisoner Livia (Y9) John Nash Anna (Y8)

Ernő, Huba (Y7)

Excellent technical support for the play was provided by Levente (Y8) and Ido (Y9) and props and presentations were prepared by Fanni (Y8), Yiwen (Y9) and Zalán (Y8).

Our Y10 and Y11 Additional Mathematics students ran two gambling dens in which KS3 students could try their luck winning (Ali, Lili, Szabolcs, Niels, Aleksandr, Daniel, Zoltán, Ali, Yun-Cheng, Hongye, Balázs, Huicong, Arthur). The afternoon was all about an interactive competition designed, arranged and run by Márton, Aditya and Alp.

World Maths Day has been a tradition at Britannica for eight years once again it was great to see all students engaged and have fun, laughing, solving problems, hunting clues, thinking and asking questions. All events – were organised, designed and run by students, who have taken all the effort to put this day together. I would like to thank all students, but especially those who have actively participated in creating this day and made it a real fun day where all of us could hopefully also learn something new.

I would also like to thank the M-CO Department, Ms Tünde Madarász, Mr Tamás Jakab, Mr Bálint Szabó and Mr Darren Sherrell for their support and effort to make this event a success.

The Day was closed with a Closing Assembly, in which the Y11 Additional Mathematics students explained the mathematics behind their games they had run earlier in their den ans also students (Elsa , Tiya, Anna, Virág, Daniel, Dávid, Dániel, Laura, Petra) demonstrated the process of mathematical reasoning through an adaptation of a Minty Python scene.

Mr. Andor Spisák

Head of Department for Mathematics and Computing.