It has been a short week in Primary with the earlier part of the week dedicated to our teachers’ professional learning, curriculum development and CIS Self-Study preparation, with the children returning today. Lovely learning and topics have begun in class too!

Class News

The Garden Corridor created a paperchain of Teamwork after receiving an assembly about how ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.

Many classes welcomed new friends today with more friends still next week!

Christmas Dress-Up Winners

Please see the gallery for pictures of the best Christmas ensemble, accessories, sweater and beard! Well done to Rudra and Jake from Y3 Tamar, and Grace and Mate from Y6 Tyne!

First Aid Training

Selected teachers from each year group undertook First Aid training with First Med as part of our professional development and commitment to keeping our children safe. Please see some pictures from the session.

Britannica Skates

This is a reminder that next Friday from 17.30, there will be a community ‘Britannica Skate’ event at Heroes’ Square ice rink. You can either send in money for Ms Bilski to book on your behalf, book your own tickets online, or simply turn up (although you would need to queue!). Please see the separate advert for details or contact for further details.

Flea Market

Do you want to have a clear-out after Christmas and all of Santa’s gifts? Primary will be holding a Flea Market as part of the Maths Week activities. Simply bring in old toys, books, games or clothes for sale by Thursday 23rd January. Items will be for sale on that day which will raise money for the community art project in the final term.

Children can buy the items and participate in maths problem solving around money, our school target this year. It should be a lot of fun too!

Parent Handbook

Please note that the Primary Parent Handbook is available for download on the Parent Portal (School Information – Documents and Files – Policies – Primary Parent Handbook), as communicated last term. You will receive a letter from your child’s class teacher today to confirm that you have read this document. If you have not yet accessed the Parent Portal, please contact me for help or ask your child’s class teacher or me for the Parent Handbook link to the Google file.

Parent Portal

Our Parent Portal is being developed all the time according to updated events and suggestions from teachers and our community. Our Class Representatives mentioned that they would like to see information from our Hungarian department. For information for additional language learners for using Hungarian, to book recommendations for native speakers and lots of links and resources, please do visit our parent portal.

You can find them at the below pathways:

School Information – Documents and Files – Curriculum – Hungarian

For help in registering, please ask me or your Class Representatives for advice.

As always, if you find any information missing or unclear, do either let me or your Class Representative know so we can continually improve what we communicate and do.


This week’s assembly was in Key Stages with KS1 discussing the merits of teamwork in kS1 and setting SMART goals in KS2.

Being the first day back, there were no Merit Book entries or Star of the Week certificates but these will return for next week’s assembly.

Concerns and Queries

This is a reminder to parents that if you have any concerns or worries, please contact your child’s teacher. You can find all email addresses under the teacher’s picture on the school website:

The Key Stage Coordinators are also very lovely and willing to help. You can contact them here:

KS1 Coordinator - Rosie Wolland:

LKS2 Coordinator - Justyna Bilski:

UKS2 Coordinator - Ryan Phillips:

I hope you all have a incredible Christmas holiday with your families! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Marie Moreton

Head of Primary