MA, TK, Kecskemét, Hungary, Teacher Training Faculty

MA, St. Patrick College Erasmus Studies, Dublin, Ireland

MA, TF, Budapest, Hungary, Teacher of Physical Education/ Equestrian Education Specialist

Ms Bogi worked as a teacher assistant in Dublin and as a bilingual primary school teacher in Kecskemét. She later became the manager of a riding school, where she worked as a horse riding trainer and teacher of equestrian culture for primary school children. Her heart tough told her to go back to her original profession of full time primary school teacher – and she followed the advice. She is now grateful for the opportunity to work at Britannica International School, where her mission is to show children that the world around them is beautiful and worth getting to know, and to prove that school and learning can be an exciting way to spend their time. Ms Bogi’s passion is theatre, but she also likes playing the ukulele, doing all kinds of sports, travelling, and going for long walks with her partner, family or friends and her dog.