BA, SZE-AK Primary School Teaching (English specialization), Győr, Hungary

Fanni grew up near Veszprém, in Hungary. She has spent two years studying Antropology, Ethics and Social Studies, but then decided to turn towards primary education, starting her Primary School Teaching studies in Győr. During this time, Fanni spent a semester studying at Mondragon Unibertsitatea in the Basque Country, Spain, where she took a glimpse into what international education was like. She has also been volunteering in English Summer Camps for many years since the age of 18.

Her good experiences with people from various cultures have drawn her to an international environment, and to Britannica.

Fanni enjoys learning about different cultures and animals, literature, visual and musical arts. She loves meeting unique people and enjoys doing photography, listening to music, reading, doing yoga or playing ball games.