Camille grew up in Belgium, but she felt drawn to foreign cultures and languages from an early age. She learned Dutch, English and Spanish in high school. As the appeal of living abroad grew stronger she decided to spend a year as an exchange student in the United States. When she came back, she studied French and Spanish literature and linguistics with a minor in English literature at the university of Louvain-la-Neuve. During her course, she went abroad again, spending four months in Montreal. Having developed a love of both literature and pedagogy, she graduated after five years with a specialization in book science and obtained her teaching diploma a year later. She began her professional life by teaching in Belgian schools for a year and then joined her first international school in Brussels as a French teacher. She is now very excited to join Britannica’s community here in Budapest!

Besides loving to read in French, English and Spanish, Camille enjoys outdoor activities such as walking in the countryside and climbing, which she discovered a few months ago. She also has a five-year-old dog that she adopted from a shelter two years ago… Her name? Ginny… Like in Harry Potter, of course!