Haley grew up playing basketball, exploring the outdoors (weather permitting!), and loving learning in the lakeside town of Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A. Her lust for travel and adventure took her to Thailand shortly after her university graduation where she fell in love with teaching. She enrolled in an online graduate school to obtain her M. Ed in International Education and subsequently completed an online teaching certification in Early Childhood Education, all the while teaching at an international kindergarten in the beach town of Bangsaen, Thailand.

Four plus years of living and teaching in Thailand also allowed her to explore all that Asia has to offer. Haley enjoys travelling, adventure activities, culture, food, and a good read. She welcomes any invitation to participate in outdoor activities and sports and is especially a fan of basketball, both on and off the court. Although she doesn’t consider herself a culinary expert, Haley also enjoys cooking and learning new recipes in the kitchen.

Haley has been a part of the Britannica team in Key Stage 1 since August 2019, first as the Year 1 Avon teacher, then moving into Year 2 Mersey. She is enjoying living in Budapest and is looking forward to another successful school year with her students.