As our academic year draws to a close, we wanted to share a couple of useful tips on how to support your children through the end of the academic year.

As tempting as it is to slip into summer-relaxation mode, don’t abandon the routines you have relied on all year. Your child may be asking for you to move back bedtime, but they still need to be tucked in at a reasonable hour. Regular routines, including healthy snacks and lunches also help children cope with “the end of the year” mood.

Get a head start on preparing your child to make the transition from one year group to another. If your child is struggling with any aspects of school, schedule a meeting with your teacher for some suggestions ahead of the summer.

Your child might enjoy writing and illustrating a letter of introduction to their new class teacher/form tutor next year, or to a younger student going into their current year group next year, telling them what to expect and how to prepare.

Encourage your child to reflect back on their school year and think about what they have learned, what has been challenging and what they are proud of. It’s a real motivator for children when they look back at their work; it reinforces just how far they have come.