Congratulations to Elsa May Dormon, Year 13 student- Winner of the Write the World Flash Fiction competition 2023!

A fantastic achievement of Elsa for winning the Flash Fiction competition hosted by Write the World. The challenge was to pen a story in just 99 words - with young writers from all over the world submitting their results.

Elsa was announced the winner with judges commenting:

This does what every effective micro story should do. It has a unique title that sets the tone for the piece and takes on more meaning after reading the full story. A gripping first line includes strong imagery and begins a metaphor that is carried throughout. One main character is deftly introduced halfway in, then the narrator becomes more personal and uses the film audience to act as a foil for the narrator's own reaction to what is playing out in front of his/her/their own eyes. Then a final sentence that goes beyond being clever and resonates with meaning in a way every reader can relate to. The vocabulary is sophisticated without being pretentious, and the ideas within are universal and perceptive. I wouldn't change a word.

Elsa's winning entry:

‘A Study on the Impending’

It was like those scenes in films where someone coughs, revealing blood on the tissue, and you know it's all coming to an end. Something is eating them from the inside - a concise shorthand for death. The more cynical audience members might at this juncture begin rooting around in the dark cinema for their belongings, eyeing the exits. She had this same look, her eyes flitting around the apartment. She must have resolved herself, then, to leave. I wondered how I would cope, eventually, in the wake of it. I've always had this tendency to stay till the credits.

You can read more about the competition here: