Our Year 13s looked fantastic at their traditional Ribbon Ceremony, hosted by Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria in the Buda Hills.

The Szalagavató, a traditional celebration here in Hungary, brings together students, teachers, families and friends to honour the completion of high school for Year 13 graduands.

Following a stunning waltz by our graduating class, choreographed meticulously by our wonderful Ms Betty, our Year 13s were presented with their pins, which traditionally represent a sense of belonging to the school and are pinned as a symbol of farewell as they begin their journey into adulthood - a memento they'll keep for years to come. 

There were thoughtful speeches from our Principal, Mr McGarry, Head of Sixth Form, Mr Roberts and Year 13 Form Tutor, Mr Spisák, as well as some excellent speeches from our students and beautiful pieces played on the piano and the harp to add to the ambiance of the evening.

This is always one of my favourite school events and this year certainly lived up to its long standing tradition.

Neil McGarryPrincipal

We'd like to thank all students, parents and teachers involved in making this such a memorable occasion and wish our Class of 2023 the best of luck in the coming months as they prepare for their final A Level examinations and move on to exciting futures at university, in their careers and beyond!