We are excited to announce the publication of the March edition of the Britannica Bulletin!

With support from Mr. Trovo,  a group of pupils worked together again to produce this next edition of the student-led publication. Special congratulations go to the students Csilla, Laura, Mia, Lola, Fuad, Ma, Aleksander, Sara, Charlotte, Kate, Abigail, Scarlett, Lisa, Chenxi, Zeyu, Rian, Janhavi, Vanja and Szófia for their informative, professional and hard work presenting how Britannica Secondary sees the world around.

The articles in this edition cover topics ranging from the OMUN conference, teeth brushing, procrastination and Valentine’s Day.

Please find a copy of the Britannica Bulletin below for you to enjoy!

Britannica Bulletin March Edition

At Britannica International School we aim to provide the students with a quality learning environment that helps to develop different skills. A student-led newspaper provides a platform for the students to express their ideas and creativity, while shaping their perspectives and opinion. This extra-curricular activity can also teach discipline, operating with deadlines, feedback and structure are knowledge that cannot always be picked up in a class.