Huge congratulations go to Year 13 students Fanni, Angus, Kevin and Zeyu who have recently completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

They are the first students to complete the Gold Award at Britannica International School. What an incredible achievement!!

The students had to complete five different sections including volunteering, physical and expedition challenges. Therefore, obtaining Gold took them a lot of effort and individual work.

During their project, Fanni, Zeyu and Angus volunteered for tutoring younger students, whilst Kevin volunteered to work as a teaching assistant. For their Physical part the boys did fitness challenges in the gym as well as running, Fanni does fencing at a professional level. For their residential activities Kevin and Zeyu completed a Science Summer Camp, Fanni had interned at a civil-engineering company and Angus fulfilled a Hungarian language and culture Summer School program in Debrecen. As part of the program, new skills had to be also acquired - practicing on the electric guitar and piano, learning the language Mandarin were essential areas the students had to deal with.

Fanni, Angus, Kevin and Zeyu will be presented with their Gold Award certificates at a special ceremony, hosted by Mr Andrew Davidson, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, on the 31st January.

They are photographed, with the rest of their group, in one of their expeditions last summer.

Charlotte Ward, Duke of Edinburgh International Award Co-Ordinator at Britannica International School said: "It was a privilege to support Fanni, Angus, Kevin and Zeyu to achieve their DofE Gold Award. They worked hard throughout the past two years to complete all the sections and obtain their awards. The adventurous journey was a lot of fun and it was fantastic to see all the students working together to complete it successfully."

DofE Gold Students1
Fanni is standing on the left, Angus is pictured in a blue T-shirt, whilst Zeyu is in white on the right side.

DofE students 2
Kevin is the second student on the left in a white T-shirt.

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