Our Year 13 students are leaving Britannica with feelings of nostalgia for their time with us but also with excitement for the future.

Several of the students have been with us since Year 1 and are moving on with some incredible memories. 

Truly a fever dream, realising that my 13 years at Britannica had come to an end was a sobering thought. I wasn’t able to really appreciate it at the moment but looking back, Graduation day was a perfect end to the journey.”

Anna, Class of 2024joined Britannica in 2011

The students said that they felt particularly proud when they received their excellent exam results but also being successful in an extra-curricular activity such as completing the Duke of Edinburgh International Gold Award. Three of our graduating students had a well deserved invitation to the Residence of the British Embassy in Budapest in January to participate in the special prize giving ceremony hosted by the Deputy Head of Mission to receive their Gold DofE certificates.

Although their A Level exam results will be officially announced at the end of August, our graduates have already received offers from many different universities around the world.

Anna talked about her aspirations and goals: ”This time next year I would like to be at the University of Manchester studying Mathematics and/or Computer Science, progressing to a Masters degree in something more specific, possibly cryptography.”

Ying said: “I have received two offers, one from King’s College London and the other from Southampton.’’

Ruofan added: “Astronomy, and generally Physics as a whole, is really interesting to me. To make this dream come true, I have chosen to study Astrophysics in university. This time next year I will hopefully be attending Edinburgh University along with my family as my sister is already studying and working there.”

The graduating class of 2024 showed themselves to be a highly capable collective of young people with skills in a very wide selection of fields. From Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to English Literature to Biochemical Engineering, they have shown themselves to be a very diverse group. I have enjoyed helping them work towards achieving their post Britannica dreams."

Mr Robert SetchellHead of Sixth Form

Our Class of 2024 have applied to a range of top class universities around the world; including Oxford University, King’s College London, Imperial College London, the University of Warwick, the University of Cardiff and the University of Edinburgh in the UK, the University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology and Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Carnegie Mellon University and Brown University in the USA, as well as the University of Hong Kong.

The courses which they’ve chosen to study are equally exciting and include astrophysics, electronic engineering, pharmacology, sport & exercise science, psychology, computer science, international relations, and business studies, to name a few.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to hearing about their future successes.