Tuesday, April 30 | 9:00 - 11:00

Do you have a little one starting school in the next academic year? Come to our primary school for a taste of student life at Britannica!

Taking the next step on your child's educational journey is a significant milestone. At Britannica International School, we recognise the importance of clear communication and a robust partnership between the school and families. So, let us share the benefits of stepping into Year 1 at Britannica.

Why choose Year 1 at Britannica?

  • Experienced teachers and support staff have a deep understanding of their profession - they design and deliver a tailored curriculum which reflects the needs of the children

  • Classes and groups are small - less than 15 children in each class, supported by multiple adults

  • Teachers work alongside specialists to deliver the exact support your child needs

  • Children begin Year 1 at similar starting points, and they learn and progress together - there is no pressure on them to ‘catch up’ on learning in Year 2 and beyond

  • Wellbeing is a priority and we work on developing the whole child - we know that academic success will follow

How will Britannica support your family?

  • Starting school does not take just one day - the transition period is relaxed and responsive, yet focused and balanced

  • The relationship between home and school begins before the first day of school - there a many opportunities to visit Britannica and meet new friends and adults

  • Social skills and self-regulation are the foundation of a successful school journey, and we work alongside families to build these skills

What does Year 1 look like:

  • Academic activities are phased in to the daily routine - children engage flexibly in different areas of the classroom, prioritising exploration over rigid table-time routines

  • Learning activities are developmentally appropriate - UK qualified teachers structure activities following the latest educational research and developments

  • Learning is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's an active and enjoyable process. Our curriculum incorporates games and interactive experiences to make learning fun and memorable

  • For young children, we know that skills come before knowledge, and we help children to gain social skills, personal skills, school skills and academic skills

Ultimately, this educational journey is a shared endeavour for your family, and Britannica is dedicated to accompanying you every step of the way.

Joining a new school can be a tricky time. Whether you are coming from kindergarten, another school or even another country, there are lots of things to think about.

At Britannica International School we are experts in making sure this process goes smoothly, and our Up, Up & Away event is the ideal place to start if you are looking to join our Year 1 or Year 2 classes. Children can see what it is like inside our classrooms on the Garden Corridor, meet some new friends and the adults that will look after them, and have a go at some learning activities and games. Our Key Stage 1 team will be there to help, support and answer your questions, so join us there for a morning of exploration!

Registration is required for this event.