Agnes Tron 2020

Ágnes Trón

Teacher of PE & Swimming

MA, TF, Budapest, Hungary, Teacher of Physical Education

BA, ELTE-BTK, Budapest, Hungary, Teacher of English as an Additional Language

Agi worked as a teacher of PE and English at Városmajor Grammar School in Budapest, then she was a PE teacher at the American International School of Budapest. She also taught English for adults and kindergarten children for a few years. Agi was coaching volleyball, swimming and athletics.

She used to do underwater orienteering and triathlon, her main interests still lie in sports and nature. She loves running, biking, swimming, orienteering running, skiing and being outside in the wild. Agi is very keen on long, nomad hikes, biking and canoening with her sporty husband, two sons and friends. She likes watching films, reading books and socializing.