Balazs Bihari 2020

Balázs Bihari

Business Manager

MA, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, Accounting and Finance

Balázs was born in a small town at the lovely Lake Balaton, where he finished a local primary school, then the secondary school in Veszprém. He graduated at Corvinus University of Budapest, specialized in Accounting and Finance. After finishing his studies in 1991, he started his career joining multinational companies, where he gained experience in several industries, such as chemical, automotive, seeds research and production, IT distribution, including expat stay in the Netherlands.

Balázs has two children; his “small” daughter is 26, married already and attending university; his “big” son is 19 and finishing the secondary school. In his free time he loves riding the bike or the motorbike, visiting the gym and caring of his internal self-development, like meditation.

Balázs is excited to join the Britannica community from November 2019 and look forward to working in the private educational sector.