Dora Biegl

Dóra Biegl

Year 9B Tutor & Teacher of Mathematics

Dora grew up in Hungary, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee where she spent the next 32 years of her life. Dora has a masters degree in mathematics education from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Dora is a mother of two children. Her son is currently working on his masters degree at the Technical University of Budapest in Electrical Engineering and her daughter is working on her masters degree at the Technical University of Munich in Computer Science. Dora is an avid boxer doing boxing 7 days a week in Nashville. She is currently trying to find a similar place in Budapest which has been a challenge. Dora loves interior design and she designed and built her own house in Nashville. Dora is excited to be back in her home country and is really enjoying the beautiful city of Budapest. Dora is originally from Pecs, a beautiful town in Southern Hungary.